Invisible Dog (Tue) Dance 7

Darrin Wright

a pleistocene ahead of you


A circling back. It begins by turning away but progresses through the place you always return to. The circle repeats but you have finished with something; something won't make the repeat. You don't know in advance what this is. Something won't let itself be relinquished. You don't know in advance what this is.

Evening Rapture

Wanda Ruggiera

The evening sky always amazes me and makes me wish every dance performance could be outdoors and as beautiful backdrop as this one.

Klein Bottle

Brandon Lotti


Kristin Clotfelter

Wipe Up Your Sweat / Take the Trace of You with You

Katherine Ferrier

Love someone looking at you. Give in to some kind of slow motion swoon. Register the shock when you find out what really want. Notice how sweat softens paper. Wonder when you'll hear trumpets, wonder when you'll hear trumpets calling.


Arlo Zinn Mountain Davis Bivins