New York, NY

Optic Nerve

Seeing yourself in a mirror, show the movement of energy through the optic nerve, forgetting science*. Instead, how do you want that movement to look?

*Keep, of course, the fact that the image is - at first- upside down, and then inverted. (Because, who doesn't love a flip?)

rude interruption

a man or woman barges into the performance mid dance(a minimal cuningham dance style in progress),looking homeless and disorientated. They get into an argument with a person working the door- barge into the space,one or two of the dancers intervene and they all get into a tussle- perhaps the dancers are pushed to the ground. then the dancers deconstruct the struggle reenacting it in slow motion or reverse or what ever inspires you... maybe one of the dancers originally is an audience member who also gets into the argumant?


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