WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. The performances of The People to Come are complete. Thank you to everyone who participated between July 2012 and July 2013.

Kathy: A portrait is a record that captures some particularities, unique qualities, distinguishing feature of someone, something, someplace.

Dave: A good portrait is when the facade of a person's likeness is dropped to reveal some inner truth.

Joni: A portrait is a vehicle for the viewer to see their own inner form reflected back to themselves.

David: A portrait is a call to someone, an address that seeks to bring that person into existence and affirm that person's energies through the shifting terms of reality + fantasy, certainty + mystery.

Joelle: Every artwork is a portrait of its maker(s).

THE PEOPLE TO COME, at its heart, is about portraiture. It is about us and you and this moment we are making. We know you may feel uncomfortable. You may even think you have nothing to give. But the thing is, you do. This is our call to YOU. Give us a portrait of someone, someplace, something that we can embody.

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