WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. The performances of The People to Come are complete. Thank you to everyone who participated between July 2012 and July 2013.

A task is an action or an assignment one fulfills, usually without frivolity or fuss. It can be quite simple: clean the dishes. It can be quite elaborate: clean the dishes with a small toothbrush using only circular motions starting at the center of the plate and moving outwards in slow-motion while whistling a song your mother sang to you.

In art-making, it is often most interesting when a task is extremely difficult or highly detailed. The impossibility of the task can open up creativity, expose process, effort, and take us down an unexpected road.

WE ARE ASKING YOU TO CHALLENGE US. Give us a task, or series of tasks, that produce action. It could be as physically daunting, meaningful or fantastical as you wish it. But give us something you want to see attempted.

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