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Translation of poem from Spanish to English. Apart from rhythmn, what are the best choices

Spanish to English:

Hoy han vuelto.
Today they have returned.

Por todos los senderos de la noche han venido a llorar en mi lecho.
From all the paths of the night they have come to cry on my bed. (reverse order of They have come ...from all the paths, from all night paths, in not on my bed)

Fueron tantos, son tantos!
They were so many, they are so many! (of them)

Yo no sé cuales viven, yo no sé cual ha muerto.
I don't know which ones live, I don't know which has died. (live- are living, )

Me lloraré a mí misma para llorarlos todos. (Me, I will cry)
I will cry for myself to cry to for all of them. (so that I can cry for them all)

la noche bebe el llanto como un panuelo negro.
The night drinks in the crying like a black handkerchief. (crying-the tears)

Y las manos, las manos colmadas de destinos secretos
y alhajadas de destinos secretos.
And the hands, the hands overflowing with secret destinies (and hands, hands full of)
and bejeweled with mysterious rings (rings of mystery)


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