Tallahassee, FL

Dance collection

1. Better not to do it if there is serious risk of damaging or breaking something. (I sometimes take that risk, but I would rather be angry and disappointed in myself than in someone else.

2. Get a safe ladder, a damp cloth and a jewelry polishing cloth.

3. Climb the ladder and start wiping and polishing dancers, framed pictures, and bejeweled barettes, pins, buttons, all that glitters.

4. Do all the walls of the room before moving to the closet which will involve arrangement of dancers, books, fabrics etc.

Girl World

My public is full of color, glitter, rounded shapes, and intricate detail they are a colorful rainbow furry animals, a lisa frank folder full of gumdrops and sweet aromas.

Please Take Good Care of my Thundercat

My Chinese Dwarf hamster, Thundercat, might be small, but she has a lot of big needs. The walls of her cage need to be washed every week with soap and hot water, including the tiny pieces like the tunnels and her favorite ball. The bedding should also be replaced at this time. I use a thick layer of natural pine shavings, layering enough so that she can burrow to the bottom and hide out underneath. After you cleaned the cage and replaced the bedding, you can put all her toys back inside, like the tiny hut and her miniature "dog house."

Now her hamster food needs to be topped off, and the empty shells of already eaten seeds must be discarded. Then, you should detach the water bottle from her cage and replace it with fresh water. Please give her some time to exercise by placing her inside her hamster ball and allowing her to roam free around the apartment, she thinks that's super fun. She'll get tired after a while and need you to place her back in her cage, though. Later at night if you settle down to watch TV, you should take her out and let her curl up in your lap, petting her really softly (you'll probably only be able to pet her with one finger since she's so tiny), until she falls asleep, but make sure you use the special furry blanket in my room--that one is her favorite because it's as soft as she is. If she starts to crawl all over you, be very calm and still, she scares easily.

Never, ever, drop a hamster--they are too fragile and their little bodies can't handle the impact of a fall. Let her crawl from one hand to the other, carefully alternating hands as she moves from one to the other, it's like a never-ending treadmill for hamsters, they love it. Remember not to ever let Thundercat crawl around on the floor without her ball, she can burrow inside anything and get lost. If she gets too crazy, place her back in her cage and close the hatch.

When you're done with Thundercat, simply wash your hands, and go about the rest of your day!

Words Words Words

They always know I'm there but i choose to stay quiet, only because i know that what i have to say is probably much better than what they are thinking, I'd rather keep my sly remarks to myself and just smile and wave and look at them from behind my sun glasses that only show their own reflection, my eyes judge from one way mirrors and from head to toe i make my conclusions, they say hello, i smile and respond, they put out their hands, i shake them with vigor, friends of friends of friends there is never a limit, and my thoughts and actions know no boundary either, only the ones who see with watchful eyes gain access to my fantastical mainframe of myself and may collaborate with me on a normal basis.

New in Town

Please take care of my fiance. He just took a new job out in Texas and doesn't know his way around. He has no car, and hardly any money. The only way we get to see each other is through Skype. He gets lonely, because he doesn't have any friends out there. Please be kind to him. Take him out to the local bar. Don't forget to wake him up early for work, 6AM every day. Don't let him set more than one alarm. He always sets three, and walks across the room to turn off each one, and then goes back to sleep.

Just A Swingin'

My grampa loved to swing and built a big one that each of us grandkids couldn't wait to be big enough to ride. His expression is all mischievous elf filled with joy at getting to show off.


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