Tallahassee, FL

untitled (grandmother)

The photo is of my grandmother on my mother's side, my Grannyma. She is coming down the walkway to my then home in Crawfordville with many of my other relatives, but she is the only one in the picture. They were all visiting to see our new home. We had always been extremely close. She was the matriarch of the family and I was her first grandchild. She has aged, but is still beautiful. I remember or I think I remember her coming down the walk toward the front door with a sort of blank expression, right before the picture was taken. When she saw that she was about to be photographed she stopped and gave a big smile. This is the last picture I have of her before Alzheimer completely took her from us. She knew it was coming and was scared, but she stopped and gave one big smile, maybe her best picture ever.


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